Satisfied tegos customers with Karmann Mobil caravans and RVs

Do you travel with a Karmann Mobil RV (recreational vehicle) or caravan? And you're interested in the retrofit or replacement of a premium retrofit door and a flap module, a high-quality bug protection system or a modern locking system for improved burglar-protection? The following images show some of our satisfied customer's Karmann Mobil mobile homes and RVs, that were optimized using tegos premium products, directly assemblied in the tegos manufacture or at one of our service parter's workshops. Increasing comfort and value retention of your mobile home included. Get your individual counseling, independent of manufacturer, brand, type or year of manufacture of your recreational vehicle.

Karmann Mobil Recreational Vehicles

Karmann Mobil For a long time, there has been that aura of specialty, exclusiveness and individuality around Karmann RVs. For their history and long tradition as a producer of yachts and hence the omnipresent maritime spirit could successfully be transferred onto their RVs (recreational vehicles). Owners of the first generation of those "country yachts" surely know this feeling and that's just why they're so attached to their vehicles. Especiallly the interior design was strongly influenced by the maritime roots of the company. Shapes, materials, colors and cloth... all exceptionally stylish and exclusively arranged. Unfortunately, at some point the "Karmann RV"-ship got itself into stormy waters and skew position. With a heavy heart, the maritime spirit had to be sacrificed to market requirements. Today, the brand is part of the Eura Mobil corporation. And we're happy to see that their traditional heritage is preserved. It's yet to be proven whether this Karmann momentum and the maritime spirit can be saved for the future days. We hope they'll manage to tying things up to their good, old times. Their maritime past is still present in their brand logo. Their web pages (only available in German) reveal the future of the brand and also the current vehicle range:

Link to the Karmann Mobil website

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